Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Forget Prosecco

If you are looking for good value fizz outside of the usual suspects Prosecco and Cava take some time to look at wines from the Loire Valley.

Here the Chenin blanc grape shows off its ability to embrace any wine style you care to mention, from bone dry to deliciously sweet.

It can do the same as regards fizz, on its own, or blended with Chardonnay or other grapes. It can range from the off-dry to the crisp and citrussy.

The bottle pictured comes from Clos de la Briderie (biodynamically farmed), and is crisp with a little yeastiness. Perfect fizz and great value for money. In France it can be bought direct from the property for less than 7 Euros. I just wish I had some left.

We toasted the New Year with it and also had it with filo pastry cheese parcels (mix of Stilton, Parmesan and mature Cheddar). Yummy.

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